Thursday, October 16, 2014

Aerolux trailer photos

This photo shows the 7 parts that make up the Aerolux kit. They are the two sides with integral fenders,the two outer doors , two fender skirts and the speed blade center fin.
Here an Aerolux teardrop trailer is completed using aluminum for the outer roof and hatch cover . The fiberglass and chassis are painted in a 1939 automotive pea green. 
        the highly sculpted sides of the Aerolux gives the owner an infinite choice in personalised custom finishing . 
          Below are two examples of possible custom paint schemes that might be used to individualize your Aerolux.


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  2. It looks cool but seems there is hesitations on displaying complete information on the unit or maybe just poor marketing. It needs to boast the interior features as well not just offer possibilities they need to be proven and done.Do you have interior puctures? Thank you

  3. Hi ,
    the interior is built in the same manner as teardrops have been built for several decades . As sparten or plush as the builder desires . We just recently posted many suggested building proceses as they relate to the Aerolux styling kit. We certainly don't want to hold back information so we will continue to add building tips of our own, plus those creative methods that Aerolux owner/builders bring to the table .

  4. Where can this be purchased and price?

  5. Where can this be purchased and price?