Sunday, November 16, 2014

Building the Aerolux teardrop trailer, the Chassis

In this post we are including the suggested chassis dimensions . 
  The maximum distance between the outside of the frame and the 
Outside of the wheel/tire is nessasary so as to allow for the fender skirt's clearance to the tire.  The Aerolux is a nominal 8 ft long trailer like most traditional teardrops ,however the sides are about 3 inches longer at the floor level. If you are using an exsisting 8 ft trailer Chassis you will probably want to mount the body sides with the 3 inches overhanging in the rear .

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  1. We highly recommend that the chassis for Your Aerolux be constructed by an experienced trailer builder to ensure safety . The road ability and safety of the trailer is totally the responsibility of the builder! It will be up to the builder to determine the final weight of the trailer and use the appropriate axle,springs,hitch and frame materials.
    Most areas of the country have utility trailer dealers that can special order a trailer to the desired specifacations. They will usually come with an appropriate title for registration in your state. We feel it is possible to modify an excsisting 4x8 utility trailer but that would be up to the ingenuity of the builder .