Monday, January 18, 2016

building the Aerolux trailer body

                              Thank you for your interest in the Aerolux trailer kit
     The building techniques of teardrop trailers havn't changed much in over 70 years .
  A tremendous amount of construction information can be found on the subject by searching
   " how to build a teardrop trailer" ,including neassary parts and hardware suppliers. We didn't invent the wheel,  Our job is to give it style! Our building suggestions are specifically for the utilization of the Aerolux kit on Your trailer chassis. We strongly suggest that you investigate tried and true methods of building teardrop trailers before starting on Your new Aerolux .
                                Attaching the Aerolux sides to The trailer chassis
To build the body of the Aerolux ,we recommend that you start by laying one of the sides down on a
3/4 full sheet of plywood of the grade that you will want for Your inside walls. The plywood should be laied down as shown in the illustration given.You will then mark and cut out the plywood as to allow 3/8 of an inch from the front ,top and rear of the plywood for clearance of the flange that will
rest over the plywood sides. Note that at the very top and front ,you won't be cutting any wood as
the hight and lenth of the fiberglass side will rest on the top of these areas. After cutting out the first one ,repeat the process for the other side .( if you are planning on building additional Aerolux trailers , you may want to cut out the first one from 1/4 inch material and keep it for a pattern).You will note that at the lower rear of the side there will be a void in the wood . That can be filled in later.
   Once the wood sides have been cut out,they should be securely bolted to the side rails of the chassis. The bottom of the plywood should sit level with the bottom of the frame rails. At this time You will want to add a few temporary braces from side to side. They should be mounted lower than the outside edge of the sides, ensuring a square mounting of the sides to each other. Now the Aerolux sides can be hung over the plywood sides and test fitted. They should butt up against the door jam leaving the flange overhanging the front,top and rear of the plywood. After nesasary adjustments are made, the Aerolux sides should be removed and the cross ribs installed . The builder will choose the material,spacing and attachment method of the cross ribs,to suit the strength required for the center covering material .Since most trailers are built with an opening hatch in the rear,You will want to leve that area open. If you are planning on housing the "speed blade" You'll want to set it atop one of the sides and determine were the shape fits best so the hatch opening will not be lower than the blade.
  There have been many different covering materials used on teardrops such as aluminum,fabric,wood and fiberglass sheet ,which is avalible in the bathroom wall covering area of most larger building supply stores.
   After the ribs are installed ,it's now time to attach the Aerolux sides and the roof covering permanently . You can either choose to attach the sides first or the covering depending on how You
Will trim the joint between the two? It may be helpful to again attach the sides and test fit the roof covering, or temporarily attach the roof covering,then attach the sides to see which works best and
how You want to detail the seam. Most big building supply stores have a terrific selection of plastic mouldings that can make excellent edging for that seam. This is a good time to do any caulking between the roof and sides.
  Next is the hatch
To build the rear hatchYou will need to cut from 3/4 plywood ,stringers that copy the shape of the rear outside edge . These can be done from the pattern if you made one ,or by tracing the outer rear curve onto craft paper . You will then cut out four of these making them 2 inches deep they are then assembled with cross ribs that complete the frame of the hatch. If you are using the "speed blade" You will want to plan Your ribs so that they will line up with the mounting hole resessis in the blade .
The hatch frame is then covered in the builders choice of materials as is the top and front of the trailer. We recommend that the hatch be attached with a hurricane hinge avalible from most teardrop trailer parts suppliers.
   Next are the doors
The inside jam of the Aerolux side should be screwed to the plywood behind it in two places very near the inside corner . This will give stability for cutting out the entire opening except for a 3/4 inch
ledge at the inside corner . Using a divider ,draw a 3/4 inch from the edge,line  completely around the inside door jam. This is the line you will youse to cut out the door opening. You will be cutting the fiberglass and wood at the same time leaving the 3/4 inch lip around th opening. Once the door opening is cut out more screws should be used to securely attach the door jam to the plywood.
   The doors are attached to the body sides with strap hinges. Note the bosses on both the body sides and doors. We recommend Gemlux 1159 hinges . They can be sourced from marine dealers or the "Gemlux web site


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