Friday, October 16, 2020

Introducing the Aerolux trailer styling kit

      During the 1930s there was a boom in travel trailer popularity. This was spawned by the desire to travel, despite the economic woes of the time. The trailer could now take the place of expensive lodging,restaurants and commercial travel.

By the end of the decade there was a burgeoning interest in smaller,aerodynamic,owner built trailers. These evolved into the very popular 1940s "teardrop" trailers that were such an efficient design that they have been little changed in 70 years!

Since the onset,the standard formula for construction of the trailer body has been a set of flat plywood sides cut in a streamline shape. The front,roof and rear hatch are then formed by sheet goods, aluminum,fabric or wood attached between the sides giving the trailer body that unique teardrop look.
During the last few years, custom car designer/builder Marty Martino's imagination has given thought to what if......... In the late 1930s ,the teardrop trailer had been styled by the premier automotive designers of the Streamline Modern era ?  i.e. Gordon Buehrig,John Tjaarda , Figoni et Falaschi . The new design focused on adding sculptured form to the normally flat sides and simple fenders in use for the last seven decades.   The result is a trailer design that might have startled visitors at the 1939 New York Worlds Fair!
As it happened , vintage Rolls Royce parts dealer,David Rogers saw some of the sketches that Marty had been working on and was immediately intrigued! His first question was "why aren't we building these? David then brainstormed with Marty to hone and detail the design.
Thus was born, the "Aerolux" trailer styling kit.
It was then further tweaked into a production fiberglass kit that can be added to a teardrop trailer under construction.
While it is possible to retro fit the kit to an existing 8 foot teardrop trailer, it would likely require extensive modification to that existing trailer.
The kit consist of both sides, two outer doors,two fender skirts and a rear hatch "speed blade" ,all produced in the USA of durable quality fiberglass.
Please note that the builder still needs to supply a suitable trailer chassis plus materials for completion as the Aerolux kit consist of the exterior styling parts only.
It is recommended that after installation of the Aerolux body parts,that they be sanded ,primed and painted with automotive quality materials.
We will be adding suggested chassis dimensions and sources for other parts in upcoming blog post. We also invite experienced travel trailer builders to ad suggestions .
The kits are currently availble and in stock.   The seven piece kit is $2,295  f.o.b. Greenville South Carolina USA.
Phone 864 617 1596
The fine print.....
There is no warranty implied or expressed as to the construction or usage of any object incorporating the Aerolux trailer kit. It is the purchaser's responsibility to determine its fitness for a particular purpose,construction methods and use.
A note to copycats, The Aerolux trailer name and the body design are intellectually protected.     
Infringements will be vigilantly prosecuted.